Key features and benefits

  • Easy to use — Guides a user step by step as he/she collects all the demographic, household, and income information needed for a successful Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) app. Built-in user manual is there for instant help. New users can get special instruction from our Help Desk at no charge.
  • Highly reliable — The track record of RxAssist Plus is outstanding. Users can expect a better than 97% success rate on PAP apps submitted. System downtime is measured in “minutes per year”.  Totally web-based, so there’s nothing to install, nothing to maintain.  No IT expertise required.
  • Keeps track of just about everything — There are over 70 pre-formatted reports built into RxAssist Plus — reports such as drug refill reports, drug value reports, client characteristics reports, provider data reports… on and on. Reports that would take you hours to compile on your own you can have in hand inside a minute.
  • Super secure —There has never been a HIPAA complaint from any of our hundreds of users in all the years RxAssist Plus has been up and running. Everything that can be done has been done to keep your information protected at all times.
  • Fully supported — The RxAssist Plus Help Desk is there every business day from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (Eastern). Our Help Desk people have earned a stellar reputation for friendliness and competence. You’re in excellent hands.
  • Free 30-day trial — With RxAssist Plus, you’re invited to “know before you go”. Our free 30-day trial includes a free over-the-phone orientation session at the start, and then you have 30 days to put us through our paces and see if we’re the solution you’ve been looking for. No obligation whatsoever.